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Magick Gone Wylde & the Priestess of Nothing

I am the Priestess of Nothing: Spiritual but not religious. Wandering but not lost. Stunned by the sacred, but not worshipful.


I am a professional intuitive reader in Colorado. If you're in need of a tarot, pendulum or palmistry reading, I may be able to be of assistance.

More details about who I am and what I do are here - The Priestess of Nothing on Magick Gone Wylde.

It might seem a little strange, because I am a student of sleight of hand magic as well as magick with a k kinds of arts. Lots of magicians have walked that line before, I am simply following a very old tradition.

I do readings with playing cards, and I do tricks with playing cards. But never at the same time, and never both with the same deck.

You see, there are two kinds of sleight of hand artists: there are those who believe in magick and wonder and are trying with their art to bring it to their audience, and there are those who are there just for trickery.

I daresay you know which kind you are watching…